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Passionate engineer with a decade and a half of professional and open source experience

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  • ExpressJS
  • NodeJS
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Golang


I do this because I love creating software. I keep myself up to date and I'm fascinated with computer history. I love working startups - finding the most pragmatic approaches to architecture while being future friendly and keeping the roadmap in mind.

I've helped create a range of startups in finance, gaming, content hosting, e-commerce, telephony, and other areas. As of late I've been working a lot in TypeScript (JavaScript with types) both in the browser and the server with Node.js. I have also been working with Rust (I love this language) and more recently Zig (keep your eye on this one because it may displace C). I have mastery of the basics too. I'm very good with HTML and CSS, and have a full understanding of modern web technologies (SPA and PWA stuff). I'm also effective in Go and Ruby, though of these two I much prefer Go.